New Year Business Strategies To Improve 2022

New Year Business Strategies

New Year, new me – or so they say, but it shouldn’t be the same year for your business so it’s time to try some New Year Business Strategies to make 2022 a year to remember.

So whether you are a small brick-and-mortar store, or a complete eCommerce business you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than extraordinary. Let’s leave surviving in 2021 and use 2022 to really make your business thrive.

Your New Year Business Strategies

To breathe fresh air into your business you can’t rely on what your current strategies. However good they are, there is always room for improvement. A diversification, a new outreach, or tackling an old issue from a new direction.

Review Where You Are

Check Your Bases

Outline Goals

Project Ahead

Don’t Be A Lone Wolf

That is why we’ve put together a New Year Business Strategies Guide to steer you through 2022. Now it’s time to work off that Christmas turkey, take those decorations down and get back to business.

Review Where You Are

Business can be daunting. It is the nature of it. So before we get sidetracked on where you want to go and how you want to get there, take a look at how far you have come.

  • Where was your business at this time last year?
  • What steps have you taken to improve it since then?
  • How and why do you think these improved your business?

Since it is still the season to be thankful, take a moment to pat yourself on your back. Then really analyse what it took to get you where you are now.

Check Your Bases

Now we have filled in how far you have come. It is time for the next stage of our New Year Business Strategies – filling in those blanks. 

  • Did you achieve everything you wanted to in the last year?
  • What is missing from your ideal business plan?

This could be anything related to your business and it will vary from sector to sector.

  • Are you selling through Social Media platforms? 
  • Is your website not living up to your expectations?
  • Or do you feel that your business would benefit from other sales channels?

Whatever you feel your business is missing comes into play in our next step.

Outline Goals And Business Strategies

Goals are essential. They don’t just give us a potential forecast of our future, but they also provide the drive necessary to improve ourselves and our businesses. When done correctly, they serve as an inspiration.

That is why you should pick just a few essential strategies (we have a few ideas for you here) and focus on implementing them at a time schedule that works for you.

Is your business selling through Amazon?

Becoming an Amazon Seller is a fantastic way to generate extra sales channels for your business.

While the world of Amazon business can become a little confusing we are always here to help by offering not only advice on working with Amazon Seller Central but also brilliant tools like Seller Central Connect which fully automate the majority of processes. Automatic repricing helps businesses win the Amazon Buy Box, while order management also increases efficiency and lets you view profit and sales data easily.

Have you looked into Automated Abandoned Cart Recovery emails?

What if we told you that almost 30% of all eCommerce sales are made because of Abandoned Cart Recovery emails?

That’s because 70% of customers abandon their carts at the online checkout. They get distracted or are busy or a whole range of other factors. But automated emails reminding them about your products brings them back to complete their sales.

But don’t believe us – try eSuperStore today and you can not only build a sleek new website that can integrate with your existing one, you’ll also discover how much of a difference those emails can make!

Project Ahead

Don’t be overwhelmed. There is a reason that we measure periods of business in quarters – there is a huge amount of work to do!

So not only set a timeline that suits you, but draw up financial forecasting so that you can play chess with your business. One of the best ways to guarantee accurate financial forecasting is by offering a subscription service to your customers.

Not only is it less hassle for repeating customers, it is far easier for your business and enhances your financial projections because you know what is coming. It allows you to scale up and set the timeline that your business needs.

Don’t Be A Lone Wolf

Burnout and frustration are so 2021. Your New Year Business Strategies may require some help with implementation and that’s ok!

Jeff Bezos didn’t build Amazon entirely by himself after all.

So don’t be afraid to reach out, collaborate and investigate new options in 2022. Business is innovation after all, so try something new with your business.

New Year Business Strategies

Now that you have set up a plan of where you’re going (and how to get there) make sure to check out our range of tools available to all businesses in 2022. We have a huge range of resources for businesses to read up on and cutting-edge, automated technology to help decrease costs, increase efficiency and help your business scale up.

Whether you need eSuperStore to improve your business website (with ZERO percent commission on sales might we add) or you are an Amazon Vendor that wants to avoid Amazon Chargebacks with our Vendor Central Connect, we have something for every business.

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