Seller Central Connect

Seller Central Connect

Want to sell direct to Customers through Amazon? SuperDisty provides a full software automation solution for Amazon Seller Central users.

Everything You Need to Automate Your Amazon Seller Central Account

Seller Connect automates the administrative tasks associated with running your Amazon Seller Central account. Complete all-in-one inventory, order and listings management software with built-in auto repricer. By automating your processes with Seller Connect you will find you can extend the number of products you can offer and ultimately increase your revenue opportunity!

Product Listing

Instantly publish your products and inventory. Seller Connect bulk uploads your entire product catalog and inventory to Amazon, we don't limit how many SKU's you can list, we just want you to sell more and sell more profitably!


Automated pricing optimization to meet the BuyBox. You get the option of setting up specific rules to determine your minimum sell price taking Amazon fees into consideration allowing you to maximise profits.

Order Management

All your orders, customer data and order metrics synced and fully integrated on a single platform. Increase your operational efficiency with supply chain automation and position your business for growth!

Sales Data

Profit and sales information at a glance including product by product view of Amazon Seller and FBA fees. Full suite of in-depth reports included to help you grow your business.

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