Disputing Shortages Like a Pro

In the last two blogs we’ve laid out the details that underpin Amazon shortage claims and impact your chances of successful dispute. In short – the sooner you raise the dispute, the better your chances of winning. Within 30 days … Read More

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Amazon Shortage Disputes: Timely vs Untimely

In our last blog we explained the basics of Amazon Shortage Disputes and how timeliness is a key factor in success. Amazon’s window for dispute is much shorter and stricter than other online retailers. The longer the gap between the … Read More

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Understanding Amazon Shortage Disputes

If you are a supplier or vendor who sells through Amazon, there’s a very good chance you have fallen foul of the occasional shortage claim. Sure, Amazon is a huge retailer, offering phenomenal revenue scales and digital footfall – but … Read More

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How EDI Helps with Managing High Sales Volume

We’ve recently covered the promises and potential problems that come with being a high volume seller via Amazon? Their third-party marketplace offers an unprecedented customer-base, but the manual labour involved in meeting that customer demand can turn success into a … Read More

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The Challenges of High Amazon Sales Volumes

As we mentioned in a previous blog, Amazon offers fantastic opportunities for the SME business. It has an unrivalled customer-base and a vast global footprint. Selling well via Amazon can bring incredible revenue rewards. However, as we also outlined previously, … Read More

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High Amazon Sales Volumes and the EDI Solution

There are so many benefits to selling via Amazon. As one of the largest online retail marketplaces in the world, they offer an unparalleled balance of customer reach, brand profile and global footprint. They have over 300 million registered customers: … Read More

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Vendor Connect API is Live

We have some exciting news about our Vendor Connect Managed Service. As of right now, Vendor Connect can now access data from Amazon Vendor Central via API. For those who don’t really know what that means… API stands for Application … Read More

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How Our eStore Updates Work for Your Business

As we outlined in a previous blog , we’ve recently updated our eStore functionality to enhance your order management and sales. The improvements we’ve made will have a positive impact on the efficiency, accuracy and organisation of your business. You’ll … Read More

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Introducing our eStore Updates

We have made big improvements to our eStore. From order management to handling tax, our newest updates are focused on making your digital storefront as efficient, informative and user-friendly as possible. Here are some of the ways we’ve made things … Read More

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API & EDI. What does it mean for my business?

If you have been selling through Amazon for any length of time, you’ll already know that EDI is king. Electronic Data Interchange is most likely the tool you have been using to automate your engagement with Amazon – or other major … Read More

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Sample Chargeback Success for Single Client

Sample of Recovered Revenue for a Single Client


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