How EDI Helps with Managing High Sales Volume

We’ve recently covered the promises and potential problems that come with being a high volume seller via Amazon? Their third-party marketplace offers an unprecedented customer-base, but the manual labour involved in meeting that customer demand can turn success into a curse.

EDI is the solution. By integrating EDI software, you are able to immediately automate so much of what makes selling through Amazon a hassle. An EDI solution will sync your business systems with Amazon’s third-party plaform (such as Vendor Central and Seller Central), offering the rapid transfer of data and eliminating the stress on your workforce. Customer orders are recorded accurately and the data is transferred instantly to your records. It helps you keep on top of your inventory and find a fluid balance between fulfilling outgoing orders and the need to replenish stock – and it assists in a lot of the bulk of customer communication.

In short, EDI helps you fulfil the promise of selling through Amazon, without the drawbacks. But how? Let’s look in a little more detail at what an EDI can do your for business.


Any two systems linked by EDI are automatically synced. This means data can flow freely from one system (your business) to another (Amazon’s platform) and vice-versa. When you are managing a large volume of sales and customer interactions, this rapid information sharing is crucial to meeting demand.

It also takes away the sting of a manual workload. So much of the data required by Amazon does not need to be done by your human workforce, and by allowing EDI to automate the process, you free up your team to complete more valuable work. It’s less time-consuming, allows agility of priorities, and it will probably also boost team morale.

Accuracy is everything

Involving humans in the data-management process will inevitably lead to error. It’s natural. Mistakes happen, papers get lost or damaged, even typos can have an impact on your sales and your customer satisfaction. This can be significantly damaging if you are dealing with a lot of sales because as pressure goes up, so does both the opportunity for error and the consequence of a mistake.

An EDI approach will eliminate human error, keeping your stock levels accurate, your orders on time and fulfilled, and allow you to plan for rapid growth.

On top of trends

The way EDI works gives you full oversight of every order, from the customer clicking ‘buy’ to final delivery. Using this wealth of data from sale after sale, you will soon be able to identify trends that can help inform better business decision-making. You can locate products and map each transaction. Know when to prioritise replenishing stock and when to focus on fulfilling existing orders – balance that decision against cashflow issues and ensure that your business runs smoothly. EDI’s synced-up data management allows real-time transparency of exactly where you are, and how to prepare for next steps.

This is just the big-picture overview of how EDI integration can turn the pressure of high volume sales into a prize. For more for information and a specific chat about how SuperDisty can provide EDI integration that works for your business, get in touch on +353-1524-1640.

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