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Your business is our business and our mission is simple – We want to grow your business. If you manufacture or distribute physical products SuperDisty provides real and immediate choice to increase your market penetration significantly and the tools to scale efficiently.

Elaine Ralph

Elaine is the CEO of SuperDisty. Elaine has a strong background in the IT Distribution sector where she set up and has been running a multi-million Euro IT distribution business for the last 20 years. Elaine designed the companies' internal distribution software and reseller online stores based on multiple virtual warehouses. She is responsible for building the organisation, managing the business and finding suitable partners to enhance the offering of SuperDisty.

Gabriel Nolan

Gay is CFO of SuperDisty, he trained and qualified as a chartered accountant with Ernst and Young. Gabriel worked in a variety of commercial enterprises in Ireland and Australia and co founded the distribution business and now SuperDisty with Elaine.

Caroline Pearson

Caroline is our CTO. She is a graduate from the University of Limerick with a B.Sc and a Graduate Diploma in Computer Science. She has worked in a number of industries as a software engineer and developer, including start-ups.

Martin Ganter

Martin is a professional business mentor and strategist. Martin has a successful record of achievement in raising finance, business organisation and strategy.

Chandani Singh

Chandani Singh is an experienced developer and important member of the SuperDisty team. She qualified with a Bachelor in Information Technology from Purbanchal University and a Masters in Computer Science in Griffith College. Chandani completed her PGDip. in International Business Growth at Enterprise Ireland from Smurfit Business School.Her main programming languages include C# .Net, Ms SQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Chandani is responsible for continuing development and implementation of areas of the SuperDisty product, based on changing business needs.

Changing sales channels and the move to online channels brings a huge opportunity for companies to enter the complex world of online selling. Established retailers like Amazon now buy directly from manufacturers and distributors but place demanding rules on suppliers. Non conformance with rules results in lost business, negative performance scores and financial fines.
Business rules differ with every online retailer and traditional ERP systems are not flexible enough to manage the online processes effectively. SuperDisty manages new business requirements for online channels and integrates seemlessly with existing ERP systems. We solve the problem by providing a solution that simply automates the management of data between ERP system's and multiple online retail platforms. This removes the need for manual input or costly systems development and provides a more effective tool for accessing and growing business on online markets. SuperDisty manages product data feeds to online traders, accepts or rejects orders based on a customers multiple pre defined criteria and charges a transaction fee based on sales achieved through our interface. This provides a very cost effective way for companies to enter new online trading platforms with no upfront costs. Lost business opportunities and the reasons why are managed, tracked and reported in real time.
Decisions are streamlined, profits are maximised and expansion is managed..

SuperDisty is a leading provider of software (SaaS) to help you grow your business internationally through ecommerce partners

Why SuperDisty?

New Direct Sales

Manufacturers and Distributors can immediately open new sales channels covering multiple geographies and global customers. Increases sales dramatically without additional cost.

Missed Sales

Missed sales are no longer a mystery. Timely and detailed information show the reason for orders missed and facilitates prompt business adjustments to be prepared.

Control and Visibility

Clear display of key information allows you control product sourcing, order acceptance and profitability. Required communication from order to fulfilment and payment is electronic.

Service & Support

Manufacturers traditionally produce product and sell in bulk to Distributors who manage the supply chain to consumers or online retail business. Welcome to the future where SuperDisty provides the ability for Manufacturers to seamlessly open direct selling channels. With the growth of online retailing the supply chain lines become blurred to a point where Manufacturers are becoming active suppliers to the online retail market without compromising existing agreements as new products emerge, special stock pricing, existing agreements reach end of life or agreements are only in place for nominated regions.

SuperDisty offers a cloud based software platform to Manufacturer enabling them to sell directly to eTailer Marketplace companies who in turn provide global reach, enhanced marketing and are trusted by consumers. The eTailer Marketplace is viewed by consumers as an alternative choice and these are growing in number, companies such as Google Marketplace, Amazon, Alibaba and Microsoft. As a Manufacturer you can be selling your product in a matter of days.

SuperDisty can list your products and provide a 90-day migration period to support your sales through this channel. In addition if your distributors to also use SuperDisty your full supply chain has full visibility in real-time of product stock, regardless of location. This provides analytics allowing Manufacturer to enable Distributors to accept orders that would ordinarily be rejected due to stock issues. It also provides visibility of stock movement and consumer trends.
With the advent of online selling Distributors are looking at ways to reach consumers in new locations or countries. With SuperDisty this is possible today and at a fraction of the cost of implementing customised online selling in different countries.

SuperDisty offers a proven cloud based service (SaaS) enabling any Distributor sell products directly to eTailer Marketplace companies. The number of eTailer Marketplace companies is growing and while their individual strategy might differ, these Marketplace companies offer a new growth channel for Distributors. For an initial 90-day period SuperDisty will list your products, and ensure you the distributor have access to the system to accept new orders and exchange electronic documentation in the format required. During the 90-day period, SuperDisty can manage your logistics on your behalf with the focus on getting you up and running independently thereafter. In addition where SuperDisty is also being used by the Manufacturer you can fill more orders that presently due to visibility of stock availability and knowledge of its location.

The fee is based on products sold. This is charged when you accept and deliver new orders so it only applies when you know an opportunity exists to profit on incremental sales. The fee depends on the industry and is open to discussion however it is generally between 5% and 7%. If SuperDisty also provide shipping and logistics on behalf of the distributor this cost would be a passed through during the initial 90-day period. At the end of this migration 90-day period the Distributor will have detailed analysis of which of the products are selling and which countries, and how to trade directly with the eTailer Marketplace. As a distributor you continue to use the SuperDisty system to manage sales while you take on responsibility for your own shipping and logistics for sales through this channel.
What does it cost to use SuperDisty?
It is quick, easy and reasonable to use SuperDisty. On products sold using the SuperDisty service there is a take-out fee of about 5%. This fee only applies if the item is sold.

Will all my products sell?
Some products will sell well others may not. Seasonality, branding, product category and geography will affect product sales. One thing is certain, if the product is not available, it will not be sold!

How to start?
SuperDisty suggests you send in details of your products, as many as you like, and they can be listed on eTailer Marketplace sites, which generally cost you nothing. This is for an initial period of 90 days. If the eTailer Marketplace company orders any of your products, that's because they have a consolidated number of orders from their own consumers, and you accept these orders they will purchase, stock and pay you for them. If during this initial period, you require SuperDisty to provide shipping, since SuperDisty already have the logistics infrastructure and partners in place, then this would involve an additional pass through cost.

Is the Software and Service available now?
Yes, SuperDisty can have your products up and available to several countries in a matter of weeks.

Is there a development plan for SuperDisty software?
Yes, there is an exciting roadmap of new modules, features and functions in development to benefit business. SuperDisty is adding new online marketplace companies all the time so that your products can get maximum exposure.

Any Questions

An established distribution business in Dublin needed to expand their product reach but couldn’t afford the extra resources or time involved, so the concept of enabling direct selling from Manufacturer or Distributor to established online retailers like Amazon was born. The system was tested in this company and a new company was formed to offer the same service to others.
Yes, the new way of reaching new customers has been successful from the start. SuperDisty allows seamless and intuitive interface with many established online retailers & marketplace companies.
SuperDisty interfaces between an existing manufacturer or distributor accounting system and the various systems in use by established online retailers. This means incoming orders from the online marketplace are coordinated with product supply and the associated processes, interface and communication takes place automatically. All this is available through a cloud-based portal and offered as a new service to companies.
Because there are no viable alternatives, i.e. existing systems on the market do not have the same comprehensive capability. SuperDisty is required if a Manufacturer or Distributor believes there is an opportunity to sell their products online, in new geographies, to new customers i.e. beyond their traditional marketplace.
Selling online is not new but a company that tries to do this professionally will find it very expensive because of the requirement to develop, constantly update websites and market and optimise their appeal. Add in the language & localisation requirement and this becomes a full time role for teams of people.
Some of this is new. Traditionally Amazon was an online shop front to sell your products, now Amazon is also a buyer of product that they then stock and sell themselves (in the geographies that they know their consumers require them). “Sold and Dispatched by Amazon” is now available on many known products.
Both! SuperDisty is a technology company offering a single portal for manufacturers or distributors to business by creating a new channel to market through online retailers companies such as eBay, Amazon, Microsoft etc.

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Adding a new sales channel which complements existing supply chain infrastructure can seem like a daunting process. Where today typically Manufacturers supply product through Distribution and Reseller entities, opening a new global channel can increase sales significantly for each level in the supply chain.

SuperDisty offers a product view to the world when selling in the newer eTailer Marketplace. If the Manufacturer and their Distributor use SuperDisty it is possible to list the products and accept orders wherever in the value chain that suits. Visibility of the order and the stock availability within the supply chain makes accepting and delivering orders more accurate and profitable.
There are three ways SuperDisty can be used to grow business:
1. By a Manufacturer or Distributor who wishes to add on a new trading facility with an eTailer Marketplace company.
2. By a Manufacturer and some or all of their Distributors / Resellers in their existing supply chain where any one of these can accept and deliver eTailer Marketplace orders.
3. As in 2 above with the additional of creating their own Online Marketplace Shop front, where SuperDisty provides the background stock and pricing information.
Sign up with SuperDisty. Supply a list of the products you wish to sell into the eTailer Marketplace and the price at which you are willing to set. SuperDisty will list the products and organise the logistics for an initial 90-day period, after which the Manufacturer or Distributor will continue to use the SuperDisty software themselves.


Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would welcome the chance to learn more about your business and will be glad to answer any of your questions.

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