Vendor Central Connect

Vendor Central Connect

The most advanced software automation solution for Amazon Vendors

EDI and much more

Vendor Connect is specifically designed for Amazon Vendor Central by Industry Experts. Vendor Connect provides the tools for you to increase your revenue on Vendor Central, includes full EDI integration with additional intelligent features including EAN/UPC mapping, profit-based order acceptance/rejection rules based on your specific criteria, chargeback management, LPR compliance and much much more!

SuperDisty includes in built EDI to automate communications between you and your clients. SuperDisty fully streamlines your online sale by managing all tasks from pricing to dispute resolution.

SuperDisty integrates with many ERP systems and provides multiple levels of integrations to suit your business needs.

Do Less

Automating tasks and avoiding repetitive work liberates time for your team and reduces your costs. This document shows the variety of workflows that are taken care of by SuperDisty.

Sell More

Maximising your sales is as important to us as it to you. To achieve this we build growth in 4 different ways:

  • Our order automation & messaging leads to sales increase on your existing portfolio.
  • Expansion of your portfolio in terms of size and reach to sell more products in more markets.
  • Avoiding missed sales opportunities increases your order to sales conversion rate.
  • Finally, our lost sales analysis allows you to take corrective action and sustain growth.
Combined our clients enjoy sustained growth of up to +700%.

Stay Compliant

Compliance impacts both your cost and order levels. We address this challenge in many forms. Automation prevents manual errors which are a recurring factor for both chargebacks and shortages. Specific rules are tailored for chargebacks like not filled and down-confirmed chargebacks. Our dispute also process ensures you have the tools to manage your disputes and the right information to win them.


Discover SuperDisty Solution Highlights

If Amazon is becoming too difficult to manage, drains too much of your time and resources or you want to scale your business online, then check out our SOLUTION HIGHLIGHTS guide to find out how we help your online business.

Is SuperDisty for me?

SuperDisty is designed for Amazon Vendors and suited for Brand, Wholesalers and Distributors. If you are not selling on Amazon today, contact us to evaluate your potential and find out if Amazon vendor is the right business model for you.

Only have a minute?

Short and sweet: See what SuperDisty Vendor Connect is all about in a quick video. Meet Mark and see how he utilizes the power of process automation to optimize his retail channel management.

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