Vendor Connect API is Live

We have some exciting news about our Vendor Connect Managed Service.

As of right now, Vendor Connect can now access data from Amazon Vendor Central via API. For those who don’t really know what that means… API stands for Application Programming Interface, and it offers an alternative way to communicate with Amazon’s automated systems.

We explain everything you need to know about the benefits of API in our previous blog, but in a nutshell:

  • It offers greater scope for tailoring to your in-house systems
  • It is cloud-based rather than peer-to-peer and offers rapid communication
  • API offers real-time reporting, including current order status

Upgrading to offer API integration helps improve the full potential range of your VC Managed Service. As our CEO, [Elaine Ralph], explains:

“Amazon is the most dominant marketplace of choice in the ecommerce industry. They have done a fantastic job of building to scale, offering excellent opportunities to third-party brands. However such opportunity also carries significant revenue risk, including payment shortages and chargeback deductions that can devour a substantial chunk of profitability.”

“Working closely with our clients through our Vendor Connect managed service, we recover historic and current lost revenue and mitigate future chargebacks. Our automated revenue recovery audit is provided free, so customers can have true visibility of their potential reclaimed revenue.”

Of course, API may not be the best solution for your business. Our standard EDI integration offers its own benefits and strengths and we understand you may wish to continue with that option. EDI and API can function effectively in tandem, or help achieve different things for different businesses. This is something we would be happy to discuss with you – to find the best solution for you and optimise your selling via Amazon.

If you would like to speak to us about which approach to take to your Amazon Vendor Connect Managed Service, get in touch on +353 15241640 or mail us at info@superdisty.com.

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