High Amazon Sales Volumes and the EDI Solution

There are so many benefits to selling via Amazon. As one of the largest online retail marketplaces in the world, they offer an unparalleled balance of customer reach, brand profile and global footprint. They have over 300 million registered customers: a digital shop-window that no business can afford to ignore.

Most SME’s, understandably, focus their energies on achieving high sales volumes. After all, with the opportunity to reach so many customers, ambition is a good thing. There are plenty of strategies, tactic, tips and tricks to getting yourself ahead in what is a very competitive marketplace. SEO-optimised listings, sponsored ads and enhanced brand content (EBC) are all important ways to build a rewarding relationship with the vast, available customer base. And of course, sales volume is the point, right?



What many SMEs neglect, is the importance of retaining those customers. High volume sales can pose their own problems for unprepared businesses, and relying on Amazon’s own systems and your own manual processes is a recipe for lost revenue…and a damaged reputation. With so many competitors trying to grab their market share, the inefficient handling of sales can send your customers away, never to return.

An EDI integration is a crucial solution to the possible pitfalls of too much sales volume. By integrating EDI software with your Amazon account, you can save huge amounts of time and labour, whilst also optimising your sales processes. An integrated EDI will automatically sync with Amazon’s third-party platform – such as Vendor Central – so that sales information flows smoothly. You will have better control of customer orders, inventory, fulfilment and communication – all factors that can be challenging when sales volume starts to grow.

In future blogs we’ll cover these challenges and the EDI solution in more detail. For now, if you want to know more about how a SuperDisty EDI integration could help your business better manage your own success, get in touch on +353-1524-1640.

We have different levels of EDI integration, from a rolling SaaS offering to a full managed service. It’s proven to improve efficiency, reduce time and recover lost revenue. We’d be delighted to talk you through the options.

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