Make The Most Of Your Amazon Seller Account

Amazon Seller Account

Your Amazon Seller Account can make or break your business. It can be the route that takes your business to the next level of growth, or it can be where you fall through the cracks.

Luckily, with prudent planning and foresight, we can tell you exactly how to make the most of Amazon Seller Central. The benefits, the drawbacks, and the missteps to avoid!

Your Amazon Seller Account

You run your successful eCommerce business. You already have excellent products and a fantastic grasp of what it takes to run eCommerce through your website and social media.

Amazon Seller Central is a slightly different kettle of fish.

For one thing, your profitability margins are slightly different. Not only do Amazon take commission off every sale, but with the introduction of Fulfillment-by-Amazon, you could be in for some surprise fees.

amazon fba feesThat is why any Amazon Seller Account must make themselves familiar with the Amazon FBA Fees breakdown. A complete guide that lets you know exactly what your online business needs to take into account when drawing up your eCommerce plans. 

Once you know how much Amazon FBA fees will cut into your profits, you can more accurately plan your future financial investments.

The Red Tape

FBA fees are just one small issue that every Amazon Seller Account faces. With the huge number of advantages that Amazon Seller Central offers, there are also stringent restrictions and guidelines that every online business must adhere to.

If not fully adhered to, these restrictions can incur penalties such as:

  • Financial Fines
  • Recriminatory Sanctions
  • Negative Performance Scores
  • Limited Amazon Buy Box Access
  • Blacklisted For Amazon Vendor Central

In a business world where everyone wants to win the Amazon Buy Box, or join the lucrative Amazon Vendor scheme – these restrictions inhibit your business growth very effectively!

Any online business can fall foul of these sanctions. These damaging measures can be triggered by:

  • Sourced Products from Sanctioned Countries
  • Invoices and Paperwork not submitted OR submitted late OR submitted with mistakes
  • Consistent Product Errors
  • Frequent Delays In Service

The Benefits Of Your Amazon Seller Account

It goes without saying that Amazon Seller Central opens the floodgates to millions of potential customers. 

Amazon is the #1 name in the world when it comes to eCommerce. They ship 1.5 million packages per day (that’s 18.5 packages every single second!) In one month, Amazon received nearly 2.5 billion visits to the site from desktop and mobile visitors.

That is an enormous target market that you can make use of.

Of course it does make it an extremely competitive market, but with the right business strategies, your Amazon Seller Account can be an enormous addition to your business income.

Infact, even the lowest ranking Amazon Sellers make over $1000 a month just from Amazon. The most successful ones rake in over $250,000 a month!

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Amazon Seller Account?

There is one incredibly powerful, yet wonderfully simple tool that can draw out the most from even the most basic Amazon Seller Account. One tool that allows you to:

  • Bulk Upload your entire inventory 
  • Synchronise Customer Data and Order Metrics onto a single, integrated platform
  • Automate Product Repricing to win The Amazon Buy Box
  • Display product and sales data as reports (including those FBA fees!)
  • Automatically complete order data to avoid those recriminatory sanctions!

And its name is Seller Central Connect

One all-inclusive tool for Amazon Sellers like you to take your Amazon Seller Account to the next level. It allows you to avoid negative performance scores, and scale up your online business.

So get in contact with a member of our team today to learn what else Seller Central Connect can do for you! And remember to check out our list of guides to learn about new tools and strategies to grow your online business!


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