Why Businesses Struggle with Amazon Seller Central


You’ve finally succeeded in launching your business onto Amazon Seller Central. After a mountain of effort and hard graft, your worries are over!

Well not exactly.

It is a fantastic testament to both you and your business that you are on board with Amazon Seller Central. The returns can be phenomenal but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t risk-free. In fact many aspiring businesses can fall foul of the stringent guidelines of Amazon (and some of the bigger businesses can also make mistakes too!)

When this eventuality occurs, your business can face recriminatory sanctions and negative performance scores. 

So watch out for your wings Icarus, we are here to help you succeed in flying higher than ever before – without getting burned by the sun.

The Dangers of Amazon Seller Central

As fans of Spiderman will tell you – With great power, comes great responsibility. The same is true when it comes to eCommerce. The advantages of Amazon are supported by stringent regulations to ensure top-quality products and a competitive market.

The backlash of these sanctions can damage your business, inhibit your sales and generally put the immediate future of your business in jeopardy. The causes can be anything from:

  • Sourced products from sanctioned countries
  • Invoices and paperwork failing to be submitted
  • Consistent product errors 
  • Frequent delays

Therefore, in order to protect their customers, Amazon strikes back. These can be enforced by:

  • Financial fines
  • Recriminatory sanctions
  • Negative performance scores
  • Limited Amazon Buy Box access

Let’s be frank, all of these options can severely limit your business – especially when everyone is trying to win the Amazon Buy Box!

But don’t let that dissuade you.

There are a great number of advantages to Amazon Seller Central!

We don’t want to scare you away, because Amazon Seller Central is absolutely vital to businesses who want to make money. 

It’s a fantastic sales channel.

Everyone wants their website to be the best it can possibly be. Even if you’ve selected the right eCommerce platform and built a beautiful, streamlined website that drives direct sales – it’s unlikely that you’ll have the reach that Amazon does.

The market spread available from Amazon is, for better or worse, unparalleled in the world of eCommerce. From hairdryers to hay bales – customers can find everything on there, so on Amazon is where they begin the customer journey.

The vast amount of sale opportunities from Amazon are what make Amazon Sellers so successful. The average Amazon Seller makes a minimum of $1000 a month. The more successful businesses on Amazon Seller Central are raking in over a quarter of a million dollars on a monthly basis.

So how can you avoid the dangers of Amazon Seller Central?

Magical automation tools. Only instead of waving a magic wand, you simply enter a few keystrokes and all of your business is taken care of.

Maintain your product listings, automatically optimise your prices for the Amazon Buy Box, increase your order management efficiency, and explore profit and sales information at a single glance.

All that, without the hours spent slaving over your computer because of one simple tool.

In fact, the only thing that Amazon Seller Central Connect doesn’t do, is make your coffee, but with so much time saved due to the power of automation, you can afford to make it yourself.

With the help of this automation tool you can revolutionise your business processes. Optimised workflows and more accurate and efficient supply chain communications keep you on top of the goings-on. It also ensures all your data and customer metrics are fully synched so you stay up-to-date on every single order.

Not only that, but it prevents your business falling afoul of the recriminatory sanctions from Amazon. No fines and no loss of business, just a simple tool that safeguards the future of your business.


With the array of advantages on offer, don’t waste time today and take a look at Amazon Seller Central Connect. It helps you scale up your business to take it to the next level. Once you’ve built up to become an Amazon Vendor, we can help you with that as well, but that’s a conversation for another time!

So get in touch with a member of our team today to find out more about Amazon Seller Central Connect, and start setting your business on the road to success!

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