How To Set Up An eCommerce Business

set up an eCommerce business

First things first, being able to set up an eCommerce business is easy!

Believe us, we’ve been there. It may seem like a daunting task but nowadays it is the simplest thing in the world. In fact we could show you how immediately. 

However, there is a mountain of preparation work beforehand.

So before we tell you how to set up an eCommerce business for yourself, we are going to make sure that you are fully prepared. Within this guide to starting an eCommerce business, we include your full journey, including:


Market Trends Analysis

Target Market Identification 

Get Online

Going Social


In fact, by the end of this, you will not only know how to set up an eCommerce business, but how to make the biggest success out of your endeavours. After all, some eCommerce entrepreneurs are changing our lives every single day. 

You could be next!

Before you set up an ecommerce business… 

You have some tasks to do. 


Before you know how to succeed, you need to know your product.

Whether you create homemade gifts or provide a service for customers you must specialise in your business and know it inside out.

Not only does it give you many points to draw on from a marketing standpoint, but it also allows you to be flexible in the future. 

What is your product? What need does it fulfill? Are there secondary uses for your products?

Know your product and you will know your niche. By the time you set up an eCommerce business, you need to be well prepared in your particular sector of service – so catch up on your homework!

Market Trends Analysis

Unless your product is groundbreaking, you are not the first business to provide a particular product or service. Even if you are the first, you will not be the only one for very long.

Most businesses assume that analysing your competition for the things that they do well is essential. 

They are only half right.

What can make your business a success IS analysing your competition. But remember to look at what they do badly!

If you only look at what your competition does correctly, you are limited to cherry-picking certain aspects of their strategies. By examining what they do badly, you can keep your business strategies flexible and open up paths that were otherwise limited to you.

No business gains success by doing what was done before. So stay flexible, and learn from other people’s mistakes!

Target Market Identification

Now that you have done the groundwork to set up an eCommerce business. You have lists and boards filled with pros, cons and specifications.

Let’s turn it into something more applicable.

Target market identification is something that varies from product to product. You can specify by:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Profession
  • Interests
  • Needs

Or any combination thereof. 

After all, if you produce wooden, hand-carved, flowery home decorations – your target market will be very different to a business that produces plastic toy cars. There may be some overlap with individuals, but for your business you need to narrow down who will be most likely to buy your product.

What language are they likely to use? Which colour schemes will better relate to your audience? 

This information can bring your designs closer to your target audience and increase your conversion rates!

Set Up An eCommerce Business – Get Online!

First things first, find an eCommerce platform!

There are a huge number available nowadays, each one with its own benefits and drawbacks. You can check out our eCommerce platform guide here where we compare the most well-known available. 

Don’t worry about a lack of programming knowledge as you set up. That is what proprietary eCommerce platforms are for. Every good one should give you a quick installation and setup wizard that gives you full control over design, while managing the workload for you.

You should source a platform that is:

  • Easy to set up
  • Cloud-based (no manual updates, automatic backups etc.)
  • Takes ZERO commission from sales
  • Offers over 40 languages (for international markets)
  • Fully integrates with any site-builders you have used before
  • Comes with an app for on-the-go business management

It just so happens that our eSuperstore offers all of those and more, and at an extremely competitive price…

Going Social

Social media came and blew old business marketing strategies out of the water. The benefits are mind-blowing compared to more traditional strategies.

So obviously your business needs its own social media pages. Regular pictures and product updates (combined with hashtags that you draw from your research in step #2) can connect you with an enormous pool of potential customers. 

Instagram uses its algorithm to connect people based on their likes – so be sure to make the most of it!

However, besides the obvious marketing uses of building brand loyalty and customer engagement, social media also has an added bonus – Social media marketplaces.

With the right eCommerce platform, once you have connected your store with Facebook and Instagram, you can actually sell directly through social media. Customers can view products and with a few clicks, purchase them, without ever leaving the page! A shorter customer journey increases the likelihood of customer conversions – so it is a business strategy that you cannot do without!


Before you earn your millions and retire to the sunny south of France, you have to bear in mind one thing.

Adaptation is key.

Times change, trends move on and we can’t believe that mullets were ever an attractive hairstyle.

The same is true in business. While you may set up an eCommerce business with boundless potential, over time you need to revisit these steps and redesign your business strategy.

Or similarly, what you believe to be your best-selling product may not necessarily be the product with the highest demand. Your services and eCommerce business strategies must adjust accordingly in order to maximise your business growth.

After You Have Set Up An eCommerce Business…

As your business scales up, you may need to use other business tools to make the most of opportunities. These can include tools for selling through Amazon, product profitability tools, EDI Integration or even becoming an official Amazon Vendor!

That is where we come in. With the most sophisticated business tools around, we provide top-level services so that businesses can stay on top of their game. With a vast number of resources available to businesses (as well as a biweekly newsletter) we have something to support you whatever your needs.

So get in contact with a member of our team today to discuss which tools are best for your business plans. Good luck in your business endeavours!


SuperDisty – Your Passport to Online Markets


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