Why Selling on Instagram is Smart Business

selling on instagram

Selling on Instagram is just a part of the next generation of business models. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have witnessed the rise of social media platforms in the world of business.

But what exactly makes it so effective? And how can you utilise these opportunities for your own business advantage?

Why Selling on Instagram is so Effective

Instagram was once a platform filled with stunning photos of sunsets, adorable dog pictures, and those blurry, badly-taken selfies that your family members insisted on uploading.

But now it has become your best friend. The social media app has transformed from something that creates connections across friends, networks, and interests into so much more. Now it has the ability to form these same connections between consumers and brands with little-to-no effort. 

The reasons why?

  • Visual commerce sells
  • It’s simple to target your demographic
  • Brand loyalty is easy to cultivate
  • The right eCommerce platform integrates seamlessly to provide secure selling on Instagram


Visual Commerce Sells

Pictures sell. Or atleast good ones do, anyway. If you also account for the fact that 64% of consumers are visual learners then it makes Instagram an ideal platform to sell your products.

With high-quality pictures, and a matching aesthetic (or simply a decent filter) across all of your products you will carve out an appealing profile online that drives sales at every moment.

Target Your Demographic 

Instagram has over one billion monthly users so it is safe to say that your target demographic is out there somewhere on the platform. 

Thankfully, Instagram’s algorithm not only makes it simple for people within similar networks to find each other, but also extremely easy for businesses to connect with their chosen consumers and start selling on Amazon with little effort.

If you’re organised, you will have already read our guide for a new business owner, and understand the power of market research. Simple use of hashtags and keywords can bring potential customers to your business for conversion.

Brand Loyalty is Easy to Cultivate when Selling on Instagram

Brand loyalty is about creating more than just a simple business transaction. To ensure customer retention your brand cannot simply be the sum of its parts. It has to be a lifestyle.

We’re not talking Coco Chanel here, but when selling your products you need to serve them up with a reputation by the side. Instagram is the place to make that happen. As one of the top social media platforms, there are millions of interactions every moment.

  • Is your brand account resharing satisfied customer stories?
  • Are you hosting a giveaway (for customers who tag friends on your posts?)
  • Can your social media team use humour tactfully to increase the amount of reactions on your profile?

All of these questions play a role. With an interactive, optimised Instagram page you will increase your brand loyalty, your site traffic, and your conversion rate.

Is Selling on Instagram Free?

If you’ve chosen the best eCommerce platform then it absolutely is. With the eSuperStore from SuperDisty, you can connect your online store to Instagram and increase your market reach in no time at all.

With an easy-to-use storefront, the design is all yours (or your social media team’s of course) and your brand can benefit from the bonuses of selling on Instagram in the long run.

So what are you waiting for? Check out eSuperStore today and start creating your personalised online store (don’t worry, it’s free!)
Once you are all ready to go live, why not check out some of our other blogs and guides for some careful business planning. Or get in touch with a member of our team to find out how else we can help you with your business.



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