Why Customer Retention is Essential for Businesses


Customer retention is an entirely different kettle of fish to grabbing new customers. Hooking them in isn’t the easiest job in the world, but it’s certainly possible. 

Retaining them, well that’s a different story.

Now in an ideal world, your products amaze and impress. Your business plan allows customers to buy your products and services without breaking the bank, and all is well.

But for some reason – it isn’t.

All those marketing tips and tricks that you learned in order to convert shoppers into customers were vital. Now you have to learn a few more in order to retain them!

Is customer retention more profitable than gaining new customers?

If the numbers don’t change, then yes! Obviously if there’s a possibility of gaining 60 new customers in return for losing one customer – then it isn’t. However, statistically speaking, converting a brand new customer stands at around 5-20%.

Selling to an existing customer is around 60-70%.

With statistics like that, it’s not a complicated marketing strategy – it’s just common sense.

How to increase customer retention

Well aside from providing puppies with every order, there are five primary categories you should focus on.

#1 Excellent Service

Quick replies and informative answers (not to mention a joke or two on hand to alleviate tension.) You show that your business is attentive and professional.

Customers want to be treated respectfully, and receive easy-to-use services. They want to be able to order without a hassle – honestly who wants to fill out 15 forms every time they order from your business?

#2 Social Community

This is vital for not only customer retention, but for building brand loyalty.

In today’s day and age, you have to be more than a business. You have to be an idea, a lifestyle, and a trend.

This requires extensive interactions on social media. Creating a constant online profile until you create a community. That’s what customers are looking for.

The sense of belonging to a community works wonders for business. Customers buy your products and services, and then promote it themselves. They simultaneously improve their image, and act as free marketers for you!

Consider working with influencers who can build up your profile, or engage in online trends that pop up every few weeks. Staying up-to-date is essential – so make sure that your social media team is up to the job!

#3 Resolve issues

Customers don’t expect issues. Humanity designed eCommerce to be easy, so when problems arise – it can be damaging for your company.

Resolve problems as soon as they arise, and apologise to customers. They are more likely to order from you again in the future if they know that all eventualities are covered.

#4 Personalisation

Featured ads and suggestions are horrendously annoying – unless they are something we like.

If you can use customer analysis to personalise adverts for your customers, you can scale up your business quickly and easily. If you feature the wrong suggestions, customers will steer clear of your site. Feature the right ones, and they feel like they have their own personal shopper right by their side.

#5 Loyalty rewards

Did somebody say discounts?

Loyalty schemes provide existing customers a chance to save money on their next order, while simultaneously bringing you a new customer. Now that you’ve converted that new customer into an existing customer – the cycle can repeat again.

Now you may be wary of offering discounts, but ultimately you earn more from the amount of new customers being pulled in. Similar to an affiliate program – if they don’t help you bring in business, then they don’t save money.

Alternatively, you can offer ‘birthday discounts’ and other such ideas. With the user information saved, you can blend personalisation with loyalty rewards, and make your customers feel valued.

Feeling valued is exactly what customers are looking for.

Now you can manage customer retention – where to begin?

Well we’ve made it easy. Here at SuperDisty, we provide SMEs with their own free business websites.

That’s right! With eSuperStore you can build up your own personal business website, and set up with absolutely no charges until you’re ready to launch yourself live. Oh, and in case you were wondering, you pay ZERO COMMISSION on any sale you make.

All that hard work you’ve put into your products? It’s 100% yours.

Make the right choice, and get your own webstore today. Once you’re ready to go, you can concentrate on customer retention and scale up your business. 

If you’re interested in selling via Amazon too, you might want to check out our guide here and here. We’ve even got Amazon Seller tools to help you with that, so there’s a little something for everyone!

SuperDisty – your passport to global markets.


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