How To Become A Profitable Amazon Seller


There is an enormous difference between someone who sells on Amazon, and a profitable Amazon Seller. You might as well compare your local amateur dramatic group to Leonardo DiCaprio. The big difference is that anyone can become a profitable Amazon Seller.

That’s right. Anyone.

All it takes is a little product, a little know-how and a helping hand (which is why you’re reading this in the first place!)

How Much Can A Profitable Amazon Seller Make?

Before we get to the individual sellers themselves – consider Amazon itself. The company has made history in terms of growth, sales and industry coverage. Amazon made almost $469 billion worth of sales in 2021. This trend is projected to continue, with estimates of over $619 billion dollars in 2025.

With all that said – Amazon Sellers are a vital part of this enormous machine, this eCommerce giant that receives 18.5 orders per second.

Considering the volume of sales and shipments that Amazon processes, any Amazon Seller can make an enormous amount of money. At the highest-recorded level of success, a profitable Amazon Seller can earn up to $350,000 per year! That’s without becoming an Amazon Vendor as well.

Even a new Amazon Seller can expect to earn around $42,000, and that includes getting your business off the ground. But profit requires you to make the right choices.

Amazon Third-Party Sellers

If you are selling through Amazon, a third-party seller is exactly what you will be. Your defining feature will be that customers can see a product is sold through Amazon from you, rather than being sold by Amazon itself.

Even if you have your own successful eCommerce website, diversifying your sales distribution is a brilliant idea. Once you have introduced these first-time customers to your products, you can then work on selling to them directly through your website later!

Start Selling On Amazon

Luckily, Amazon makes it simple to set up and start selling.

  • Select your Amazon Seller Plan
      1.  There are two options – Individual and Professional.
  • Create Your Seller Account 
      1. Define your business and payment processes.
  • Upload Your Products
      1. Create descriptions and technical specifications.
  • Set Pricing
    1. Here you can choose to use marketing add-ons to increase your presence.

And that is all it takes to start selling on Amazon. But we didn’t create this to tell you how to get onto Amazon. We created this to tell you how to become a profitable Amazon Seller. So let’s break down some things that you should consider.

What Amazon Offers You

Traffic Potential

As we said before, Amazon receives 18.5 orders a second. By the time you’ve read this sentence dozens and dozens of items enter their systems, orders are sent out, payments are processed and invoices created.

Their enormous customer reach is a huge bonus to your business.

Even if you have created a beautiful, personalised eCommerce website with our eSuperStore (that charges 0% commission on every sale we should mention) Amazon’s potential customer reach is astronomical. 

So use their platform to reach new customers and boost your sales. Once you have an excellent record of satisfied customers – well then next time they will return for a direct sale through your website!

Fulfilment Options

Amazon has a flexible method of fulfilment. Their Fulfilment by Amazon actually lets them do a lot of the work. Obviously this option does incur FBA charges (click the link to learn more) but it does leave you with more free time to focus on other parts of your business.

If you are a small startup, then maybe that isn’t for you, and that’s okay! You can take care of all of the packaging and fulfillment by yourself if need be, the choice is yours and should reflect your own business needs and capabilities.

Professional Representation

For potential customers, ordering online can be risky. Especially if it is with a new business.

However, if you sell through Amazon you are a legitimate Amazon Seller. It may not seem like much, but you now have the “Amazon seal of approval.” It grants a certain gravitas to your business and can help sway those potential customers on the cusp of not purchasing your products.

Customer reviews also give you an edge as any satisfied customer may well leave a shining review for others to read. This can also feature on your website if the rating is especially good – allowing you to gain traction with your business and start scaling up.

A Profitable Amazon Seller Makes The Most Of Amazon

It is true that some businesses struggle with Amazon Seller Central, but that shouldn’t be the case. In fact, with the right tricks and techniques (like the ones in this article) every business should take off once they sign up as an Amazon Seller.

Just be sure to take certain steps.

Be Proactive

Opportunities need to be seized, but they can also be sought out.

Affiliate marketing, potential collaboration and much more are all equally viable methods of promoting your products. (And remember that affiliate marketing isn’t influencer marketing – an affiliate does not get paid unless you get business!)

Effective email campaigns are also an essential proactive aspect. Did you know that 30% of all eCommerce sales are made via Abandoned Cart Recovery emails? More about that tool further down though.

If you need a list of effective solutions, check out our strategies for growth!

Analyse Your Competition (And Win The Amazon Buy Box!)

Not just for their web design (although we do recommend it) or only for their keyword research (which is incredibly valuable!) 

You can research your competition through Amazon itself. Type in your product on the search bar – is yours the only type of that product available? Probably not. You need to analyse your competitor rates to make your prices as competitive as possible.

At least that is the basic version. To do this on a competitive scale you can use tools such as a Product Research Tool. These tools such as Product Finder can give you huge amounts of actionable data to amend your business plans. Everything from profitability, compset prices, accounting for Amazon fees and even the price needed to win the Amazon Buy Box – every Amazon Seller’s dream!

The Final Touch To Become A Profitable Amazon Seller

Get the latest eCommerce technology. When it comes to selling through Amazon there is one advanced automation tool that leaves the rest behind. 

One tool that can:

  • Bulk upload your entire catalogue
  • Automatic pricing automatisation to win the Amazon Buy Box
  • Provide clear profit and sales information
  • Synch your order metrics and customer data
  • Increase your operational efficiency and streamline work processes

It covers everything you need and automates the menial tasks that bite into your more valuable work processes. With Seller Central Connect you can focus on providing a more productive, professional, proactive business while selling through Amazon.

Get in touch with one of our experts today for more information on this invaluable tool and check out our resources page to read up on our guide and tricks to success in today’s eCommerce.

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