3 eCommerce Trends You Might be Missing


In online retail, eCommerce trends are in a constant state of change. Your best-selling products of today could be lagging behind by next week. It’s easy to become disheartened  and ask the question – why aren’t customers buying your products?

The truth is that the quality of your products could not be the key factor. The trends of eCommerce are affected by many other facets of online business.

Don’t stress out, we are here to help. So whether you are a new business owner or an already established SME, instead of tearing your hair out over your projections, we are going to list just some of the eCommerce trends that could be playing a factor in your business.

#1 Experiencing the journey

The customer journey experience is just as important to them as the products and services that they purchase. A customer should feel at ease. They should be drawn in, encouraged and supported along the way. 

In brick-and-mortar stores we used to have doormen and personal shoppers – every shopping trip made you feel like royalty . When it comes to eCommerce we need to come up with something different.

Your eCommerce platform needs to support YOU in order for you to support your customers. A responsive, fast-loading online store with strong, alluring visuals is an essential way to support your customer journey.

  • Too much colour = Loud and crass
  • Overcrowded page = Chaotic
  • Non-intuitive product displays = can’t find what they’re looking for

Essentially – visual design is incredibly powerful, and it can make or break the customer journey. With optimised aesthetics, you can push more customers through that conversion funnel and increase sales.

After all, that’s why you are in business!

#2 Social Media

Yes, the phenomena that have taken over our free time and leave us scrolling through our feeds for hours on end.

Despite the scathing remarks about “youths of today” – we aren’t mindless zombies. From educational videos available on Tik Tok and language courses appearing on Instagram, social media has become so much more than ever before.

But why can you use this to improve eCommerce?

From social media marketing to online marketplaces

Social media marketing is essential. It improves growth and brand awareness, builds brand loyalty, promotes campaigns and sales and a whole host of other advantages.

(But more about retaining your customers in this article!)

The largest way that social media has changed eCommerce trends is through the use of online stores. Selling via social media has become easier than ever before. Consumers have to be incredibly invested in your product to remember it, load up their browser, and search your products again.

Now imagine them simply clicking a few buttons on their social media?

Connecting your store to social media shortens the customer journey, improves the ease of which they can purchase your products, and increases the likelihood of impulse purchases.

A study even revealed that 70% of shopping enthusiasts turned to Instagram for product discovery!

#3 Pay any way

Every customer is different. If you’re opening up to international markets the differences only increase in size.

Safe to say that there are a great number of payment pathways out there. If you don’t support a customer’s preferred method – they’re not going to bother.

We are humans and we are lazy. We want fewer clicks, and more purchases!

So make sure that your eCommerce platform is providing you with dozens of international payment pathways. Then double-check to make sure that you aren’t being charged a fortune in transaction fees for using them!

Where can you start on these eCommerce trends?

If you’re familiar with our comprehensive eCommerce platform guide – then you will already know the answer. All of these eCommerce trends should be available via your platform.

As long as it’s the RIGHT platform.

With SuperDisty’s eSuperStore, all of these options and more are available. Whether it’s:

  • Zero commission paid on sales
  • Personalised online store
  • Social media market integration
  • Over 40 international payment gateways
  • Store management app for on-the-go control
  • Built-in integrations
  • Tools such as abandoned cart recovery emails

Maybe you are worried that it’s too late for you to change? That all the hard work you’ve put in on your website will go to waste if you switch now?

Well that’s not a problem – we can integrate with your existing site builder! All that time and effort won’t be lost, you just pick up where you left off. Only you’ll be equipped with more advantages than ever before!

So check out our eSuperStore today and start planning your eCommerce business makeover!

The SuperDisty Team

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