Brand New eSuperStore Subscription Feature


With our eSuperStore we constantly update our services to make sure that your business has all the tools it needs, and that’s why we are releasing a brand new eSuperStore subscription feature!

In short, when it comes to growing business, a subscription feature opens new horizons for businesses. From building your brand to calculating projected business models, it really is a must-have.

Now read on to learn what other updates we have in store for you!

Launch a subscription business in minutes! 

This brand new feature vastly expands the possibilities of your business. It changes what you can sell through your store, including subscriptions to popular products, memberships to digital content, and more! 

Firstly, with the help of these subscriptions you can attain recurring sales with zero hassle and maintain a projection of your business needs in advance. Secondly, subscriptions generate success by activating recurring revenue, building customer loyalty, and providing accurate business forecasting. 

If you would like to learn more about this new feature check out this Subscription Guide in the Help Center, and learn how you can set up a subscription option in your store in seconds.

Mobile App Updates to work with your subscription feature!

With new app features, you now have complete control over your business. With that in mind it’s never been so easy to run a successful eCommerce business!

A recent update of the eSuperStore app introduced tons of helpful new features for you to improve business management and customer satisfaction while on-the-go.

These new features include: 

  • Gift card support 
  • New appearance and feed settings, like the ability to select a design theme 
  • The ability to search for product variations by UPC/EAN via scanner 
  • The option to show tips in an order’s details 
  • Storefront language-select options 
  • Delivery options for specific products 
  • The ability to offer related products 
  • Using swipe motions to navigate orders, products, coupons, or customers 
  • Support for new order ID formats 
  • The option to show new order statuses

Looking forward to our subscription feature?

With our features being updated regularly, your business is looking towards a bright future. Whether you are selling through Amazon, or still looking to set up your online store, we have the support and tools that you need.

Why don’t you check out our vast range of helpful guides to support you along your business path? Or better yet, take a look at our range of eCommerce tools to keep you on top of your game.

And finally – enjoy making sales!

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