Building a Restaurant Website


Having a restaurant website complete with order and delivery service for your business may not sound like the most worthwhile use of your time and effort. After all, you have a kitchen and dining area to run.
But in this day and age there is nothing more useful for a restaurant to scale up your business.

In short a restaurant website provides you with the ability to:

  • Improve customer service
  • Streamline wait times
  • Expand your business opportunities
  • Build brand loyalty (and keep those customers returning for more!)

Once you understand exactly what we mean, we will also let you know HOW to build it with:

  • No transaction fees
  • Zero developer knowledge required
  • Social Media Integrations

And much more.

But first let’s look at the advantages of building a restaurant website

Improved customer service

With the right website, you can redefine the way your customers are treated. Everything from personalised customer recommendations to customer support can be done online and through your website.

Solve problems quickly and clinically without disrupting your business flow. Whether you are replacing orders or resolving queries, the way you treat your customers defines your business reputation.

When you do it via your website it doesn’t affect other customers receiving service from your restaurant. Once it is resolved, then all a satisfied customer has to report is your astounding customer service.

Everybody wins.

Streamline waiting times

Virtual queueing is a new, fantastic method that many businesses are employing to both safeguard against overcrowding, and optimise workflow.

But the main benefit of a virtual queue is reducing perceived wait time. And you don’t need an expensive app for that.

It’s a fact that while customers queue, their perceived wait time is far longer than the actual wait time. This is due to many factors – stress, witnessing other prepared orders leaving the restaurant, and most importantly, not knowing precisely how long they will have to wait.

Via your website you can give accurate, updated wait times so that your curbside pick-up orders can simply turn up and collect. Your business faces less overcrowding outside, an optimised collection system and fewer hangry customers.

Expand your business opportunities

When it comes to running a successful restaurant, your customers are all looking for the same experience. Good food, fair pricing and a nice ambience. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bachelor dinner, or a 50th birthday, customers enter, they enjoy, and they leave.

With website options available you can expand that target market and receive an enormous increase in business.

Aside from the standard meals in, you now have access to people wanting:

  • Takeaways
  • Meal prep-kits
  • Boxed lunches
  • Cooking ingredient sets

You are only limited by your entrepreneurial prowess and canny instinct. Whatever customers are searching for – you simply upload it on your website, and you gain another avenue of product.

Build Brand Loyalty

Building brand loyalty means greater customer retention. In other words – we love regulars. They return time after time for products and produce a great deal of business. Not only that, but existing customers are far more likely to make recurring purchases than new customers are to make their first one.

So what does it take to build customer loyalty?

Loyalty rewards, discount codes, social engagement, personalisation. Basically everything in this article. And a restaurant website provides all of that for you.

By linking with social media, you can gain a wide reach of potential customers. You convert them with enticing images of your dishes. Promote those customers that share you via their stories and make them feel like an exclusive community.

You can send 5% discount vouchers, or 2-for-1 deals to exclusive members that place large orders. Any incentive to make them come back for more to generate sustainable business.

The best way to build a restaurant website

That would of course be via our own eSuperStore. Not only do you generate the aforementioned advantages from above, but you also pay zero commission on every order.

You read that correctly – zero commission.

You might also be worried about paying exorbitant transaction fees if customers are using alternate payment methods, but that’s not a problem either. At SuperDisty we don’t lock you in to a specific payment pathway, in fact we offer dozens of international payment pathways so you can avoid those hefty transaction fees.

Your website design is created with the help of our 6-step setup wizard so you can get online with your professional website in no time at all and with no developer knowledge required. 

With our easy-to-use platform, and on-the-go management app, you can take control of your financial future in less than a day. So check out our eSuperStore today, or get in touch with a member of our team.

The future of your business is in your hands. What’s stopping you?


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