Can your Small Business access International Markets?


Providing your small business access to international markets can be the trick that scales up your company. It doesn’t matter where – Asia, America, Australia… managing to launch your company internationally is a stepping-stone that can launch you from a small business to a medium business.

Reaching foreign markets obviously requires more consideration than before. Longer distances require more secure packaging. You will adjust your delivery times accordingly, as well as fine-tuning your prices to compensate for taxes, fees and delivery. 

But it offers you an immediate increase in your target market. 

Let’s say for example, your target market is 1% of the UK population. That’s approximately 650,000 possible customers. A large consumer base to be sure, but considering market penetration, your market competition and the efficiency of your marketing campaigns – you are left with considerably fewer customers buying your product.

If you can sell internationally, suddenly your target market is 70 million. That’s a lot of zeros on the end. 

It makes sense for small businesses to access international markets – so what’s the problem?

Problems. Plural. And most of them stem from your choice of eCommerce platform.

With the wrong eCommerce platform, reaching international markets is practically impossible because of the lack of features available. Or in other cases the price of the add-ons and plugins that are required make it financially impractical!

#1 The Language Barrier

Without multi-language capability, you can face serious difficulties in selling internationally. Many proprietary eCommerce platforms rely on 3rd party apps and manual translations. They’ll charge you an arm and a leg for it as well.

Ensure that your chosen platform provides you with storefronts in multiple languages. Once your eCommerce platform comes with multi-language capability, you can sell with ease across the globe.

#2 Zero Transaction Fees

Many platforms such as Shopify lock merchants into using their own payment system, and charge large transaction fees. So a slice of your profits are being lost with every sale!

The right eCommerce platform will let you use dozens of international payment gateways without charging any transaction fees. Lower fees can mean lower prices – and that means more customers!

#3 Store Management

There are many small businesses that believe that international selling is unfeasible. They are under the impression that you are required to spend 24 hours a day hunched over your computer ready for orders and support.

With a management app, that’s not the case.

Time waits for no one, and different markets will be lighting up at different moments across the world. With an easy-to-use, on-the-go store management app, you can carry your store with you at all times. 

Process orders, respond to requests, and follow up with satisfied customers wherever you want, whenever you like. 

The sofa can become your new office if that’s what you want!

Your eCommerce platform choice can restrict you in even more ways

These three points are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to limiting your market reach, but they are certainly the primary issues.

eCommerce Platform choices are responsible for so much more than you might imagine. In fact, there are so many options to consider that we even made this simplified comparison guide for you to read – just take a look and see for yourself!

I already have an online store – is it too late for my small business to access international markets?

Lucky for you, it’s not!

At SuperDisty, we don’t believe that businesses should have to begin from scratch after they’ve already invested so much time and effort. That’s why our eSuperStore not only integrates perfectly with your previous site builders, but it also provides:

  • Multi-language capability (over 50)
  • Zero transaction fees (over 40 payment gateways available)
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-use store management app

Meaning that your business can access international markets!

You can keep your website’s search engine optimisation, and not waste your previous investments by integrating eSuperStore seamlessly. Simply sign up, and eSuperStore takes care of the rest.

With zero hassle, you can gain all the benefits of our marketing tools at a low price. Once you’ve mastered your international sales, you’ll soon be checking out our Amazon Seller Central Connect to sell via Amazon, and using our Product Finder to compete against businesses to win the Amazon Buy Box!

But until you’re ready for those tools – make sure to read up on our resources and guides available, and learn everything there is to know about our professional, sophisticated marketing tools.

SuperDisty – Your Passport to Global Markets


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