Introducing our eStore Updates

We have made big improvements to our eStore. From order management to handling tax, our newest updates are focused on making your digital storefront as efficient, informative and user-friendly as possible.

Here are some of the ways we’ve made things better.


Introducing customisable order statuses

It’s always good to give customers a clear picture of how their order is progressing. Letting them know that they have paid or that the item has shipped is one thing, but with our new customisable order updates you can create up to six unique status tags, tailored specifically to your business. The options are limitless and the tags you choose go straight into your order filters and all customer comms.


Setting order quantity limits

You can now impose limits on the number of products that shoppers can place in an order. Order quantity limits can be set to minimum or maximum thresholds and you can apply them to individual products, or set in bulk across your catalogue. It’s a new tool to help you control your stock and strategize your sales.


Faster tax-reporting

No one enjoys paying tax, but our update at least makes it faster. If you are a US-based business, our improved calculations automatically split tax into state and local payments, including county, city, or special district rates. A full breakdown is included on the order details, in invoices and in customer emails.


An improved mobile view

Your Instant Site is now visually optimised for mobile. Cover images are easily adaptable for device screens, with options for title placement and image size.


If you would like more information about our eStore services, get in touch on +353-1524-1640

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