How Our eStore Updates Work for Your Business

As we outlined in a previous blog , we’ve recently updated our eStore functionality to enhance your order management and sales. The improvements we’ve made will have a positive impact on the efficiency, accuracy and organisation of your business. You’ll have more time to devote to satisfying your customers, but our updates will help with that too.

Let’s look at how our enhanced eStore can boost your business.


Strategize your sales

Order management and stock control is the bedrock of online retail. Our new quantity limits function allows you to sell your products in the most effective way. Do you want to set a minimum order to increase margin or mitigate reselling? How about a maximum quantity to avoid shortages? The power is yours. Plus, you can apply rules to individual products and variations, or automate in bulk across your catalogue. You have twice the control with less time spent on managing your orders.


Freeing up time

Order management isn’t the only way we’ve streamlined labour-intensive tasks. Our automated tax calculations will really help take the sting out of one of the most tiresome aspects of business. If you are a US-based company, sales tax will be automatically divided into state and local tax, whether at a county, city or special district level. You’ll see percentages and a full breakdown on the order details page, in tax invoices and in customer emails.

That last is especially important as modern customers are keen to support tax-paying businesses. And speaking of customers…


Better, clearer communication

We’ve introduced customisable order statuses, so that you can tell your customers exactly where their order is up to. In addition to standard tags, like “paid” or “shipped,” you can now create up to six unique status conditions that are tailor-made for your business. Is a product being “stitched?” Tell the customer. Are they “enrolled” on a SaaS product? Let them know. Customers will appreciate the clarity, and by making the statuses bespoke, you can further build your company identity.

Plus, customers these days are often shopping straight from their phone. That’s why we’ve adapted your digital storefront for mobile. A good cover image is key to your brand and it’s now much easier to crop the image, fit-to-screen and arrange title placement. You have more control over how your Instant Site looks and the identity you wish to project.


If you would like more information on our updated eStore, or to discuss how SuperDisty can help you sell and manage your business more effectively, get in touch on +353-1524-1640

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