Why choose SuperDisty

The art and science of market integration is ever-evolving, and we work hard to keep ahead of the curve and the competition.

It’s fine that we know that, but it’s more important that our clients do.  So, as we head deeper into another unpredictable year, it seemed a good time to remind both existing and prospective customers why SuperDisty is the best choice for your ecommerce solutions.


For professionals, by professionals

First of all, we have the necessary expertise. Our approach to marketplace integration is based on decades of first-hand experience in the industry. We were designed and founded by industry insiders, Elaine Ralph and Gabriel Nolan – and we’ve only added to that roster of talent since.

Our services and solutions are all designed by experts, with the central pillars of connecting, integrating and accelerating your ecommerce business. We offer the tools to maximise your market penetration, optimise your brand, analyse your data and automate time-consuming tasks.

Our tools are revolutionary and consistently cutting edge. Here’s a sample of what we can bring to your boardroom table.


Vendor Connect Managed Service

The great downside of Amazon Vendor Central is the revenue lost to chargebacks, shortages and non-compliance penalties. Our Managed VC service audits your account, recoups your revenue, mitigates future errors and automatically disputes future penalties. It keeps you compliant and eliminates the errors that can kill your margin.


Product Finder

 Perhaps our most innovative solution – Product Finder offers comprehensive research on your products’ profitability in a crowded marketplace. A single, digestible report gives you all the info you need to sell strategically, outfox your competitors and maximise your profit.



Quickly set up a website and eStore to sell through Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, Instagram and many other key sites. We offer an easy-to-use platform with hundreds of templates and styles to help build a site that speaks to your brand. Everything from inventorying to pricing and shipping is managed from a single, simple dashboard.


Open to All

 At SuperDisty we know that no two businesses are alike. Whether you’re an ambitious young start-up or an established business with decades of pedigree – or anywhere in between – we can help you gain the edge in the ecommerce jungle. Most of products and services are available in a range of contract types or subscription levels, giving you the choice that you need.

Get in touch and let’s discuss how to put you at the centre of the market.

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