Our managed service is specifically designed to help you recoup lost revenue.

In previous blogs we’ve explained the pros and cons of selling indirectly to customers via Amazon. In particular, we’ve outlined the potential pitfalls of their Vendor Central platform – how falling foul of Amazon’s rigorous compliance demands can result in significant deductions that really hinder (or destroy) your margin.

That’s why we worked with industry experts to design and deliver Vendor Connect. Our fully-integrated EDI service automates your dealings with Amazon, eliminating the need for manual tasks, and the potential for manual error. It’s a way to make the most out of your involvement in the world’s biggest online marketplace, whilst freeing up time to work on your own business.

That is just the start…

However, whilst Vendor Connect is an invaluable tool for an efficient, digitally-minded business, the software is only half the battle. Vendor Connect can be hugely effective in reducing future Amazon deductions and chargebacks, but what about the revenue you have already lost?

That’s where our full Vendor Connect Managed Solution comes into play…

If you have been selling with Amazon Vendor Central for a while, there is a very good chance that you have already accrued significant deductions through shortages, price-discrepancies and other chargebacks associated with everything from packaging to delivery.

Our managed service is specifically designed to help you recoup lost revenue. We begin with a free audit of your Vendor Central account to provide an estimate of the amount you can expect to recover. We then go to bat for you, disputing chargebacks where appropriate and putting in place corrections to minimise future losses.

First steps

There is no downside to having us audit your Vendor Central account. The service is entirely free, with no obligation to subscribe to the managed service. Though, when you see how much money you could recover, we think you will be tempted.

On average, we have successfully recovered approximately 75% of Amazon chargebacks. At 4% to 18% of revenue, that can be a significant sum. Going forward, we can help you stay within the tight <5% margin of compliance that Amazon demands, ensuring future deductions are practically eliminated.

Our Vendor Connect Managed Service is the fullest and most sure-fire way to maximise the profit you gain from Amazon. We’d be delighted to help you.

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