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There’s a smarter way to boost your profits – it’s an Amazon Product Finder Tool and it will change the way you run your eCommerce business forever.

Whether you’re new to the eCommerce game or an experienced Seller, you know that the eCommerce industry is a tough one. Saturated markets, rip-off products and balancing Amazon fees are just the tip of the iceberg. You have to manage cashflow, prepare for future investments and make sure you get a decent profit from every single sale you make.

Well you’ll need a good accountant for some of that, but we know how to help with the profits!

The Main Challenges for Businesses Without an Amazon Product Finder Tool

How can an Amazon Product Finder tool help you scale up?

The Best Amazon Product Finder Tool

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The Main Challenges for Businesses Without an Amazon Product Finder Tool

For some Sellers – everything is a problem.amazon_fees

Yes, the industry can be hectic, but there’s no need to get overwhelmed. Besides, account management and bookkeeping are problems best solved by other professionals. Let the number specialists do their job while you focus on overcoming the eCommerce issues.

But let’s look at the issues that Amazon Sellers struggle with. Then we’ll show you how an Amazon Product Finder tool can change all of that.

Saturated Markets

How do you stand out from the crowd? For eCommerce, the problem is saturated markets. When there are three dozen different brands all rushing to fulfil a particular customer need, it’s hard to guarantee sales.

Yes, yours may be better, more defined, have better craftsmanship and even more utilitarian. But how can customers find those products? How do you pinpoint the difference between high demand and high supply?

More than one Amazon Seller has decided to launch a new product only to be drowned out by the sheer mass of competition.

Can’t Compete With Amazon

The unrivalled king of commerce, Amazon is fiercely unbeatable.

Massive resources, strong supply chains, customer support that is second-to-none, as well as warehouses piled high with countless inventory. Not only that, but on Amazon’s online platform, their own products are given pride of place in customer searches.

You can’t compete with Amazon no matter how hard you try.

Struggle with the Amazon Buy Box

The Amazon Buy Box is an incredibly effective tool to scale up an Amazon business.

It’s not hard to see why. In the first quarter of 2021, Amazon made $8.1 billion in net sales. Over 82% of those sales were through the Amazon Buy Box.

Yet, that being said, Amazon Sellers struggle to fulfil the criteria to win a share of the Amazon Buy Box. You need an excellent selling history, competitive pricing and more to even have a chance at winning, yet you still need to make a profit on each sale.

It’s a high-difficulty, high-payoff technique that Amazon Sellers struggle to get right.

Accurate Sales Predictions

You want to scale up your business? You need accurate financial forecasting in order to make data-driven business decisions.

Which means you need accurate sales predictions.Vendor audit

Now, while subscription services are one of the best ways to maintain steady income and foresee your financial position, not all businesses include them in their business model. When it comes to Amazon, so many Amazon Sellers struggle because they can’t foresee their profits with any degree of accuracy.

How can an Amazon Product Finder Tool help you scale up?

It won’t fix your problems, but rather it gives you all the data you need to solve your problems easily.

Knowledge is power; and that is the basis behind an Amazon Product Finder tool. It gives you brand intelligence, profitability ratings, sales rankings and much more with just a few simple clicks. The power that you have with this tool transforms your immediate capabilities and your potential for the future.

Not to mention you have an enormous advantage over your competition.

Brand Intelligence

Some parts of Amazon may be saturated, but many are not.

If you’re selling from manufacturers straight to Amazon, you can pinpoint profitable lines of products in just a few seconds. Using an Amazon Product Finder tool you can identify high-demand, low-supply brands and products that provide enormous profits. You can avoid the competition by working smarter, not harder.

Whether it’s other Amazon Sellers or Amazon itself – there’s no need to follow the crowd and face the same difficulties. Strike your own path with products that you know will sell and make your business a profit.

Win the Amazon Buy Box

win the amazon buy boxWhile pricing is just one metric when it comes to winning the Buy Box, it is one of the most important.

An Amazon Product Finder tool can analyse products and return to you the winning Buy Box price. This gives an enormous advantage over Sellers who simply play a guessing game with their prices.

Even winning a small share of the Buy Box for a single product can skyrocket your sales.

Accurate Sales Forecasting

Unfortunately for businesses, prescience isn’t real.

However, the Sales Rank provided within a Product Finder report is the next best thing.

The Sales Rank is Amazon’s personal ranking of the product in question. The lower the number, the better it is selling, with the #1  being the ideal value.

From this information it is all down to your business intelligence. If the product of someone else isn’t selling – is there a reason behind it? Do customers not need this item? Or are they simply missing a vital element in the product itself?

You can use this to predict your upcoming sales, identify flaws in competitor products, and help you make smart business decisions for the immediate future.

Measure Profitability

No more surprise fees for you.

With an Amazon Product Finder tool at your fingertips, what you see is what you get.

amazon_feesAmazon is renowned for its complex webs of fees. It is these fees that cut into your product profitability. They can hamper your business growth if they are not properly accounted for before you start selling.

Product Finder will not only calculate your standard profitability, but it will also give you the cost involved in selling through Amazon on top of that. This means that you have a figure that wholly reflects the profits you make on every sale without leaving a margin of error.

The Best Amazon Product Finder Tool

Not all tools are created equally. Some aren’t able to give you the range of in-depth information necessary to make business decisions and scale up your eCommerce business.

That is why our Product Finder combines the best of these features in one easy-to-use version of the tool. With years of experience working in IT distribution and the eCommerce scene, we created a tool that costs less but does more.

No hidden extras or purchasable add-ons. Just one all-encompassing tool for an affordable price.

That is what we believe business should be.

Get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss your Product Finder options, or feel free to peruse our resources page to find more tips, tricks and guides to today’s eCommerce sector!

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