The New Online Ticketing System For Bars And Nightclubs

online ticketing system

The latest Covid-related guidelines and rules have bars and clubs scrambling for a new, affordable online ticketing system. Well look no further as we introduce eSuperTicket!

For those international audiences, the Irish late-night scene has changed dramatically with the introduction of new laws. That is not to say that this trend is just for Irish establishments. Indeed if these new guidelines prove a success, we could see a need for long-term online ticketing systems internationally.

What Are The New Guidelines?

They are simple, if a little complicated in execution (but don’t worry, that’s where we come in!)

Any customer in a late night venue requires an advance ticket. That means at least an hour before arriving at a venue, customers need to not only purchase a ticket, but provide proof of vaccination, recent recovery or a recent PCR test.

This has led to backlash among organizations such as the Licensed Vintners Association of Ireland, an organization that stands for the Irish publicans.

Online Ticketing System Issues

The biggest issue for late-night venues is obvious to anyone who has experienced nightlife in Ireland. Live-music pubs are an easy, laid-back affair. The sort of atmosphere where you could turn up and be guaranteed a good time with no stress.

Who really wants to plan ahead?

An online ticketing system is rarely simple, and not only that, but it needs to be government compliant. No venue is going to run the risk of backlash!

There is also the issue of cost. If you go with a well established online ticketing system such as Ticketmaster or Eventbrite both you and your customers will be charged high fees. Your venue covers a range of costs, and the customer pays transaction fees making the entire night costly.

Not only that, but they take payment directly from the customer. This means that your venue could wait a while before it sees that hard-earned money!

The Online Ticketing System Of The Future

Imagine a system where a customer books their ticket in just a few clicks. 

One where the venue takes the money directly and receives an invoice at the end of the month.

A system where that invoice is less than other ticketing systems.

Welcome to eSuperTicket!

The creators behind the most cutting-edge eCommerce tools have come up with a system that supports sustainable business for venues under these conditions. The eSuperTicket works simply for customers and venues alike.

The System 

  1. The customer purchases a ticket via links on a website, or directly through Facebook.
  2. They receive an email confirmation with a barcode.
  3. At the venue, a member of your team scans the code with our app which is available on iOs and Android, and sees the name, covid certification (required in step 1) and the ticket of the customer.

That’s it!

Your establishment maintains government compliance, customers have a safe and easy night and most importantly – everyone gets to enjoy a pint of Guinness! Or your drink of preference of course.

It is a simple online ticketing solution that ensures that nightclubs aren’t being ripped off just as they begin to reopen after a long period of closure. 

If your venue would like to hear more about eSuperTicket get in touch with a member of our team – we would love to have you on board and your doors open for business!


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