What An Amazon Product Finder Tool Can Do For You

Amazon Product Finder

With an Amazon Product Finder tool at your disposal, you can really mean business.

In the world of eCommerce it is not simply enough to just be good. You have to be the best. You need the sense and resources to run your online business in the best way possible.

That means a constant flow of monitoring, updating, reevaluating and calculating. It is heavy stuff.

Luckily Amazon product finder tools make it easier. Much easier.

With the correct tool, you can evaluate profitability, measure the market competition, evaluate expansion potential and so much more. Let’s review what exactly is available with the right tool.

The Best Amazon Product Finder Tool Can:

Measure The Competition

Scan Thousands At Once

Win The Amazon Buy Box

Evaluate Profitability

Monitor Expansion Potential

Collate In One Simple Report!

So whether your business is printing personalised pamphlets or crafting cuckoo clocks, it doesn’t matter. An Amazon Product Finder tool can take your business to the next level.

An Amazon Product Finder Will Measure The Competition

Businesses breaking new ground are incredibly rare. So however niche your selling via Amazon business is, chances are that you are not the first one to provide your particular product or service! Even if you are the first, you will not be for very long!

So whether you are in your planning preparations, or an already established Amazon Seller, an Amazon Product Finder tool can help you at any stage of your business.

It allows you to measure up specific products against what is already out there, and gain valuable data for your business plan.measure eCommerce

  • Which companies make similar products?
  • Are these products selling?
  • What is the price variance between companies? 
  • Will your balance of quality and price stand out in a competitive market?

All of these questions can be answered by using a Product Finder tool!

Scan Thousands At Once

While measuring the competition can be done manually, an Amazon Product Finder tool does it better. 

How many hours of labour would it take one employee of yours to search across thousands of similar items and compare the details of each one?

Too many. And your business is far too important to waste one employee on a tedious task when it could be achieved with just a few keystrokes. That’s what a product finder tool is there for! Simply plug-in a product identifier code, and moments later you have a spread of information.

Details gathered from thousands of similar products at once, available for you to make the best business decisions for your business!

Win The Amazon Buy Box

To win the Amazon Buy Box is the dream of every Amazon Seller. The potential business value is enormous, and competition is extraordinarily fierce. In fact, it is so important that we dedicated an entire blog to winning the Amazon Buy Box!win-buybox

Well, with the right Amazon product finder tool, you can be well on your way to claiming that Buy Box. Certain tools provide the Amazon Buy Box value of your searched items. 

This puts you far ahead of your competition when it comes to competing for the Buy Box!

Evaluate Profitability

You would never sign a contract without reading it first. Nor should you guess your prices without examining profitability first!

While an Amazon Product Finder tool cannot calculate your own materials and hours involved in product or service production, it can offer you other values to bear in mind when calculating profitability.

These include Amazon Referral Fees, and Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) Fees. If you aren’t so sure about what FBA Fees are, then you should absolutely brush up on Amazon FBA Fees Explained!

amazon fba feesAlso known as the “hidden costs” of selling through Amazon, the referral and FBA fees are often forgotten about by businesses. It is only later that the true costs reveal themselves. With a product finder tool, you can calculate these fees far in advance and avoid any mishaps in the future!

Monitor Expansion Potential

Different marketplaces have different market trends. While you may have a groundbreaking product in your own market, you can use the product finder to examine alternative markets.

With the right research you can find untapped markets where your product is in high demand, but low supply. This means that your business has greater leeway to dictate its own prices and capitalise on the situation.

Sufficient research and planning mean that your foreign market expansion can proceed carefully and profitably! 

Collate In A Single Report

It may sound like an Amazon Product Finder tool is going to provide a complicated mix of figures and calculations, but don’t worry!

The right product research tool will collate the data in one easy-to-view spreadsheet. Just one clear report that provides reliable, actionable data. Data that you can then use to secure the future of your eCommerce business and become a top-performing Amazon Seller.

Find The Right Amazon Product Finder Tool!

Thankfully at SuperDisty, we know exactly what businesses need. That is why our Product Finder tool performs so well for businesses all around the world. 

A tireless product that analyses the entire market in seconds for you to gain a clear picture of your product’s capability when competing in the market. With just a few keystrokes you will receive:

Amazon Specific Internal Number (ASIN) 



Buy Box Value

Amazon Referral Fee

Amazon FBA Fees

Sales Rank

And much more. All essential information for your Amazon Seller business to make accurate and comprehensive decisions regarding your product pricing and repricing!

So contact us today and let us know your business needs and we will tell you which eCommerce business tools will suit your business the best. Or read up on our extensive blog section to find the latest guides and tips for B2B companies and SMEs!


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