How eCommerce Businesses are Working Smarter, Not Harder


It’s a well known fact that eCommerce businesses work in a highly competitive market. You run a delicate balance of profit margin assessment, price comparisons, marketing campaign launches and much more. 

With such a tough occupation, you are obviously not afraid of working hard. But what if it could be easier?

The truth is that many of the day-to-day tasks that you embroil yourself with, could be a thing of the past. No more duplication of effort and fewer hours stuck at the office working unforgiving hours to complete those mind-numbingly tedious, pen-pushing tasks.

We’re going to explain how your online business can work smarter, not harder. It doesn’t matter if you are a new business owner, or an already established Amazon Seller, let us tell you how to optimise your workflow and start streamlining your business plan.

Not to mention we’ll include a cheeky cost-saving secret or two.

Online Stores for eCommerce Businesses

For eCommerce businesses, your online store is your primary contact point for customers. It’s where they are drawn off Google, it is where they browse your products, and it is the place where you convert a casually interested potential customer into a paying customer.

Unfortunately, many eCommerce platforms can make your business more difficult than it has to be. Or they do indeed offer full services – at an extra cost.

Now, more eCommerce businesses than ever are turning to one particular eCommerce platform – eSuperStore.

Not only does eSuperStore integrate with previous site builders (allowing for a seamless transition onto the platform) but online businesses receive a host of other advantages. 

Pay Zero Commission Fees

Other eCommerce platforms take a chunk of your hard-earned profits with every sale. Paying commission on every single sale takes a hard toll on your profit margins. With one low monthly payment, online businesses now put those savings to better use within their business plan.

Access dozens of international payment pathways

Limited access to international markets can hold back some businesses. If you have access to international payment pathways, you avoid those transaction fees when selling abroad, opening up your target market.

Omnichannel Selling Capabilities

Many eCommerce platforms hoodwink eCommerce businesses and charge a small fortune for the 3rd party plugins that allow you to sell on Social Media. With eSuperStore, these tools are built-in, offering you the chance to make sales via Facebook and Instagram.

There are many more advantages to be found, just read all about them here!


Automation for eCommerce Businesses

Automation is part of the essential kits for any online businesses in this day and age. Far from involving Arnold Schwarzenegger robots sent from the future, automated tools fulfill tasks in moments that would take you hours to complete.

Abandoned Cart Recovery emails

A terrifying fact for eCommercebusinesses – 70% of all carts are abandoned at the point of purchase.

That’s 7 out of every 10 visitors that love your products, and fail to follow through. With automated abandoned cart recovery emails, the software from eSuperStore can automatically send customers a follow up email, reminding them of the products that they were so close to purchasing.

These emails account for 30% of all eCommerce sales – there’s no excuse to NOT use them to make the most out of your business.

EDI Solutions

An EDI Solution will change the way you work. With every order, you have several manual steps to go through. Between purchase order creation, invoice crafting, and not to mention the mailing and processing each and every one, your online business has lost hours of valuable work time.

With an EDI Solution, that’s no longer the case. 

It automatically communicates between internal systems. By increasing data flow you improve essential supply chain functions, while at the same time removing manual data entry errors across the board.

Less hassle and far more accurate, so you can put your work hours into more important matters.

Automation for Amazon Sellers

For eCommerce businesses, Amazon is a golden opportunity, but not one without risks. While you have access to enormous markets, you also have more rules to abide by.

This means more paperwork, more forms, and more administration. At the same time you must attempt to price your products competitively to win the Amazon Buy Box, and avoid any recriminatory sanctions or negative performance scores.

Being an Amazon Seller is a lot to juggle, but that’s where Seller Central Connect comes in.

Seller Connect bulk uploads your entire catalogue onto Amazon – hassle free. It also maintains customer orders, data and metrics synched on a single platform, while at the same time can alter the prices of your products to match the Amazon Buy Box! With personalised settings, you can maintain certain limits to maximise your profits the way that you desire.

And of course it does all of these jobs in the time it takes you to make a cup of coffee!

So why eCommerce businesses are working smarter?

It’s because they deserve to. Whether your goals are a decreased workload, maximised profits, or optimised work hours, you and your online business deserve that opportunity.

With so many online businesses choosing to use SuperDisty’s tools to scale up, the world of eCommerce is going to become far more competitive. So get in touch with us today and browse our range of tools available for your business!

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