Reconnect your stores to Facebook to ensure catalog sync is working

If you have connected your eSuperStore to Facebook, please read the below regarding catalog synchronization

Facebook is changing its rules for accessing product catalogs by API, and they will stop supporting outdated connections on February 28.

If you have connected your store to Facebook you must update your connection. If it is not updated, catalog synchronization will stop working on February 28.

To update the connection, Simply log in and reconnect your Facebook page within your store’s control panel. We have included instructions below

How to update the connection to Facebook

  1. Stores that need to update their connection will see a yellow banner in their control panel titled “Connection with your Facebook Shop requires an update. View details”
  2. Click this banner or go to the Facebook page in the control panel
  3. There will be a yellow banner titled “Update your connection with Facebook to keep your data synced”
  4.  Click the Reconnect button on the banner. The “Log in with Facebook” popup will appear.
  5. Click the OK button.

This will update the connection, and catalog synchronization will continue to work. The reconnect will not change any settings, and data will stay intact.

We recommend double-checking that the sync is working properly by testing a product:

  1. Change or add information to a product
  2. Click Sync Products on the Facebook page in the control panel
  3. Confirm that the product has been updated within the Facebook catalog

What happens if the Facebook page is not reconnected?

The store’s Facebook Shop will continue to work but the catalog sync feature will be disrupted, so products will not be synced with the Facebook catalog after February 28.

Please ensure you reconnect your Facebook account by following the steps above in order to keep the catalog synchronization working.

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