How to Boost eCommerce Revenue in One Easy Step?


Learning how to boost eCommerce revenue may seem like a challenge, but what if you knew one simple trick to increase your sales, and optimise your business. A tool that is not only simple to use, but reaps enormous benefits. In fact, almost 30% of eCommerce revenue comes from using this particular business technique. 

The trick to boost eCommerce

The sad truth is, that we humans tend to have a short attention span. Whether it’s cat videos on the internet, or remembering last-minute chores, we frequently fail to follow through on activities. It’s completely natural, but also the bane of any business.

Every day you attract customers. Ones who have every intent of buying your product, and even place items in their cart ‘for later’, but end up binge-watching Friends and forgetting the quality products that interested them in the first place. These customers still want to purchase your product, but by the whims of fate they fail to follow through – so they need a reminder.

That’s where abandoned cart recovery emails come in.

By routinely sending check-up e-mails to their accounts, you can boost your abandonment recapture. You can hook those interested customers once more, and the sales practically close themselves. With 30% of eCommerce being sold via abandoned cart recovery emails, it’s a tried and tested success story. 


You could, of course, do it all yourself, if you are willing to forgo all other responsibilities. You would then spend countless hours tirelessly tracking down the accounts, and emailing reminders to these customers. Or you can use the power of automation.

In practice, it’s much like a powerful personal assistant that doesn’t take breaks and can accomplish tasks in the blink of an eye, managing all of your abandoned cart recovery emails. Thousands of reminders being sent out every day can grant an incredible boost to your business. Reminding customers about the quality products that piqued their interest. In addition, they can also update customers if your business has any sales occurring, and attract them with lower prices.

Automation takes care of it all. Personalised, regular reminders for vast swathes of consumers, to help your business flourish.

Where to find the marketing tools?

Many marketing agencies can and will charge an arm and a leg for this service.

With SuperDisty’s competitive, cutting-edge marketing tools, you can gain access not only to abandoned cart recovery emails, but so much more for a fraction of the price. By using the power of automation, throughout your entire business, you can streamline work processes across the company. With advertising, digital invoices and orders, and up-to-date information connected across all of your accounts, abandoned cart recovery emails are just a fraction of what automation can do for your company.

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