One Essential Tip for a Successful Startup


Launching your own business is fraught with difficulty. You have a dream, an idea, a passion, but the hurdles you have to overcome are frequent and numerous. So how can you remove some of those obstacles and launch a successful startup?

The answer is simple – eCommerce!

Why do many startups overlook eCommerce?

Businesses suffer reduced growth without eCommerce. Many startups assume that they first need to saturate their local market before looking further afield, but this ultimately limits their potential! 

Growing your consumer field one stage after the other takes time, and once you’ve satisfied your local consumers, there’s little guarantee that the online market will pick up immediately. Other reasons for avoiding eCommerce include:

  • It’s too complicated
  • No idea where to start
  • Lack time and resources

But the truth is, eCommerce is easier than ever before! And the benefits are astounding.

How does eCommerce help successful startups?

Widespread use of eCommerce has been rising for years and shows no signs of stopping. In 2021 alone, there is a predicted value of over 5 trillion US dollars worth of eCommerce being sold. Yet only a quarter of small businesses are selling online.

This means that too many business are missing out on:

  • Larger consumer base
  • Streamlined work processes
  • Higher sales, with lower costs

With the future of eCommerce looking bigger and brighter with every passing year, it seems the question is not should you look into eCommerce, it’s how soon can you get eCommerce.

Becoming a successful startup does mean altering how you run your business, and expanding into eCommerce will certainly do that for you. You may not believe that your business is ready for the change, but there is another solution at hand!

For every problem, we have a solution!

For starters, your business can’t afford your production to outstrip your demand. It’s a sure way to stagnate. With an online consumer base, you don’t have to worry about that. If your products are good – they will sell. 

That’s where one of our magic tools comes in.

With the power of automation, everything is simpler. No, we’re not talking about Terminators from the future, we’re talking about sophisticated automated programs. Automation provides you with the equivalent of an entire team of pen-pushers, but with far superior speed. Automation won’t take sick days either.

They also have the added effect of reducing your workload – customers can now order with a few keystrokes of a computer. Invoices are produced automatically, records are collated, taxes are calculated. Everything that would previously take precious time during the day is now finished in the time it takes to pick up a pen. 

Time is money they say, so saving one will save you the other!

So how can I use automation with eCommerce?

Help is available! SuperDisty can get you selling online easier than ever before. Not only can you produce a website on our eSuperStore Instant Site, but you will also:

  • Sell products through Amazon, Facebook, and more
  • Receive automatic updates with your POS
  • Integrated Payment Gateways
  • Use their on-the-go app to monitor whenever and wherever you are!

With automation taking care of the heavy-lifting, you can focus on transforming your successful startup into a roaring business. It completes those time-consuming activities that hold back your business -and in less time than it takes to order a coffee. So sit back and order that coffee while you check on SuperDisty’s easy to use application, and oversee your business even when you’re off the clock.

Why not take a look at our services on offer? Or subscribe to our mailing list to hear about new options being released!

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