About Us

About Us

Who Are We?

SuperDisty was created by professionals, for professionals. Designed and founded by Elaine Ralph and Gabriel Nolan, SuperDisty is committed to providing cutting-edge, revolutionary market tools. Based on 20 years first-hand experience in IT distribution, SuperDisty has transformed from a standalone Amazon Marketplace Solution, to an entire brand that offers adaptive marketplace solutions, a revolutionary eCommerce platform, and cutting-edge business tools such as Product Finder And that's just a fraction of what is on offer Working around the principle of connecting, integrating, and accelerating business, all of SuperDisty's tools are designed to increase market penetration, scale efficiently, and provide in-depth market analyses Best of all, we're open to all - established businesses or startups with big dreams. No matter the size, we have the knowledge, tools, and experience to ensure your optimal business growth.

Our Highlights

If you manufacture or distribute physical products, SuperDisty is the immediate choice to increase your market penetration and scale efficiently. Our Vendor Connect offers Amazon Vendors the chance to streamline workflow and navigate the complexities that they face in the online world.

VC Managed Service eliminates chargebacks and automatically disputes shortages with recorded evidence. Identify supply chain defects, reclaim your revenue and build your business reputation to within the operational requirement margins that Amazon demands by maintaining compliance.

Our all-encompassing EDI integration allows businesses to integrate multiple storefronts and marketplaces. This allows you to control everything from price control to stock management in a crystal clear way - keeping you ahead in a dynamic global market.

eSuperStore is our comprehensive eCommerce platform. Providing advanced plug-ins, and a vast array of marketplaces available, eSuperstore offers online businesses professional services at a fraction of the cost

Our Product Finder is one of the most unique business tools around. All encompassing product research provides in-depth market analyses, profitability calculator, rankings, Amazon seller fees and much more. Supplied in one comprehensive report, it offers businesses the chance to work strategically and not fall behind in today's markets

Whatever You Need

Whether you are an eager start up looking to build your brand, or are an established company aiming to improve your business, SuperDisty has unique business tools to help you grow.

With adaptive capabilities available for all levels of online business, SuperDisty analyses market trends, streamlines work processes and maximises your business potential.

We are with you every step of the way.

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Our Team

Elaine Ralph

Chief Executive Officer
Elaine has a strong background in the IT Distribution sector where she set up and has been running a multi-million Euro IT distribution business for the last 20 years. She is responsible for building the organisation, managing the business and finding suitable partners to enhance the offering of SuperDisty.

Gabriel Nolan

Chief Financial Officer
Gabriel is CFO of SuperDisty, he trained and qualified as a chartered accountant with Ernst and Young. Gabriel worked in a variety of commercial enterprises in Ireland and Australia and co-founded the distribution business and now SuperDisty with Elaine.

Joan Murphy

Program Director
Joan lead projects on a global scale for major organisations like Hewlett Packard. Joan now orchestrates SuperDisty's short-term and long-term plans, coordinates our departments and gets things done.

Martin Ganter

Head of Strategy
Martin is a professional business mentor and strategist. Martin has an unbeaten record of achievement in raising finance, business organisation and strategy.

Caroline Pearson

Chief Technology Officer
Caroline is our CTO. She is a graduate from the University of Limerick with a B.Sc and a Graduate Diploma in Computer Science. She has worked in many industries as a software engineer and developer.

Mahender Kumar

Software Developer
Mahender is a talented software developer continuously improving the customer experience and bringing new features to SuperDisty based on changing business needs.

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